Global Consulting Ltd.

An Advice Bureau, whose staff consists of young, energetic and knowledgeable professionals in their fields with the necessary education and long experience in the relevant field.

Our objective is to provide customers with the most important and vital advice associated with business activity in one place. Enable companies to optimize personnel costs, receiving prompt and high-quality legal services through outsourcing. Create a stable and long-term relationship with customers, who are interested to develop together with us, overcome new challenges and implement complex projects.

We offer advice on issues relating to reception and use of money from the EU structural funds, raising funds from financial institutions and private investors. Advice on business management, planning and export issues, as well as organization of procurement, conduct of research and analysis. In addition, we offer the company's registration abroad, high- quality consulting in transport and customs affairs, advanced consultancy in the field of communications and public relations. Binding legal and refinancing advice to companies and individuals having fallen into a problematic situation.

We recommend original and radical solutions, carefully identifying and assessing the situation, thinking about the customer's needs.

The result of efforts of our staff is the public and private funding in amount of more than 10 million LVL that has been attracted to projects of the customers; successful solutions provided in different situations of private and business problems, as well as contribution to development of businesses and their projects from the phase of identification of an idea to the phase of completion of project implementation.